Surface Sliting Machine

surface slitting machine

Technical Specifications:

  • Web width: 1000mm to 2500mm
  • Machine speed: 400mpm
  • Minimum slit width up to 50mm
  • Printing Materials: For wide range flexible packaging materials from High Gsm PAPER, PET, BOPP, SHRINK PVC, CPP, PE to medium weight aluminum foils & paper
  • Unwind Maximum Reel Dia : 1500mm
  • Rewinding Reel Dia : 1000mm
  • Pneumatic Facility for Nip
  • Master operator touch panel with data logging & reciepie control.
  • Shaftless unwind control.
  • Air shaft 3" & 6" for rewind.
  • Auto loader from floor.
  • Rotary cutter assembly.
  • Surface winding system.